Jonathan Santoro


A Grin Without a Cat

These works reference two famously elusive cats, Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat, and the hypothetical feline of Schrodinger’s famous thought experiment—both representing contingent realities where the cat is simultaneously absent and omnipresent.

These works were featured in Toxoplasmosis, an exhibition at High~Tide in 2017 with R. Lord and Michael Assiff.

From Marrow Wonder. Cast urethane plastic, cast and pigmented rubber, urethane foam, and wire, 2017

From Marrow Wonder, (detail)

Prop. Cast and pigmented urethane plastic, 2017

A Grin without a Cat, Pine, MDF, and latex paint, 2017

Box, Cast urethane foam, MDF, latex paint, and casters, 2017

Box, detail. 

Box, detail.

Exhibition flyer by R.Lord